Peter and Vandy (2009)

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Peter and Vandy is a love story told out of order. Set in Manhattan, Peter and Vandy go from strangers, to pie-eyed lovers, to a twisted and manipulative couple... just not in that order. They leave us asking what most couples ask themselves, "How the hell did we get this way?"

We see Peter and Vandy through everyday scenes in their life together. Trying to have sex… Meeting for the first time… Having dinner… Small, seemingly disconnected moments, but moments we all recognize. These moments are what we are comprised of. Ordering food. Picking a movie. In these moments we see who people really are.

As the film progresses, these moments begin to connect, revealing a larger story. It becomes a game, tying together the clues, figuring out how they came together... how they end up. It's part of the fun, but ultimately their story is told out of sequence for a greater purpose. Imagine if you could go back in time and watch yourself falling in love. Imagine if you could watch your first date with your significant other and hear the exact words you were saying. Chances are those words would be a lot different than you remember… and a lot more revealing. People come together for very specific reasons, whether they realize it or not. By first seeing Peter and Vandy’s future, we can really understand what is happening in these “small moments” in the past.

Peter and Vandy, like a lot of couples, don’t always know why they stay together, or why they are the way they are. But because we see things out of sequence… we do.

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Jess Weixler und Jess Weixler in 'Peter and Vandy'Peter and VandyJason Ritter und Jess Weixler in 'Peter and Vandy'Jess Weixler und Jess Weixler in 'Peter and Vandy'Peter and VandyJay DiPietro, Jason Ritter und Jess Weixler in 'Peter...andy'

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Land: USA
Jahr: 2009
Genre: Drama, Romantik
Länge: 95 Minuten
Kinostart: Unbekannt
Regie: Jay DiPietro
Darsteller: Tracie Thoms, Jason Ritter, Jesse L. Martin

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